I think we're going back!

I think we’re going back!

Merlin’s Beard, someone please tell me how it is already SEPTEMBER 10th!? Didn’t summer start last week?

I moved across the hall to 113, a room double in size of 112. This year we are focusing much of our energy on character education (WHAT YOU DO MATTERS, WHO YOU ARE MATTERS) and investing in your future (YOU CAN’T REAP WHAT YOU DON’T SOW!).

I’ve got a double blocked class; instead of 6 47 minute class periods of reading, I have 3 94 minute blocks of English language arts. I get to teach writing, my heart and my passion.

We still have our “Oh the things we say!” board. I’m on it, already. I have the gambit of students and despite their orneriness I love them all dearly. Will the year be perfect? No, because I didn’t get on a train on September 1 at King’s Cross Station and go to Hogwarts…but still, I go backto the spell of a good story, the enchantment of the English language, the soothing potion of friendship and shared curosity (and all the Dr. Pepper they bring me as a bribe), and most importantly, friendship.