Emma: Time with you is the best.
Emma: God made you perfect; don’t change!
Mya: People change; you don’t have to.
Mya: Love always hurts you, I’ve learned.
Jafet: For every problem there’s a solution.
Jafet: It’s better to run than fight.
Alfred: Bates is obsessed with Harry Potter.
Alfred: Water polo is soccer in water.
Joanna: Basketball is the best sport ever.
Joanna: CheyAnne is my favorite friend ever.
Manuel: Strawberry milk comes from pink cows.
Manuel: Ms. Bates wears really funny glasses.
Dayanara: Pickles are made of cucumbers: oh!
Dayanara: Brain and spine connected? Not mine.
Cristo: Ms. Bates is always being sarcastic.
Cristo: Manuel has a really big head.
Aaron Perez: Carnival was fun until I puked.
Aaron Perez: Birthday’s tomorrow; I’m gonna get jumped.
Delfina: Everything will be okay with time.
Delfina: Hard word, positive attitude, great results.
Meghan: So many tragedies these days…why?
Meghan: Don’t be invisible to the world.
Fatima: My smile covers all my pain.
Fatima: Your smile brightens up my day.
Andrew: Life is war; stuck in crossfire.
Andrew: Being intelligent always has a price.
Diego: Am who I am can’t change.
Diego: Glasses make my vision look HD.
Lucia: Life is hard but also fun.
Lucia: Underneath my happiness there’s also saddness.
CheyAnne: Nutella is the best thing ever.
CheyAnne: Keep your head up my beautiful.
Kennia: Use your brain don’t damage mine.
Kennia: Looked stupid but I did it!

Samantha: My food relationship status: It’s complicated!
Samantha: Justin Drew Bieber? He’s my husband!
Reylene: Faith is believing in something strongly
Reylene: Beauty is having a good heart.
Luz: Still hoping my dreams become reality.
Luz: Lea Michele is my biggest inspiration.
Esperanza: Music is life. Plain and simple.
Esperanza: Practice makes perfect, but perfect stinks.
Loammi: Broken into pieces and confused: HELP!
Loammi: Did I ask for your opinion?
Keenan: Some books are just plain boring.
Keenan: If everyone talked, who would listen?
James: Numbers, variables, loud class, that’s math!
James: Guns ‘N’ Roses, just no Bieber!
Moses: My art: cooking, design, and music.
Moses: Writing, creating are my stree relievers.
Oscar: Yolo, wahoo yeah! What is YOLO?
Oscar: Not again, I forgot my pants!
Lacey: One Direction…yup that’s my life.
Lacey: I am the future Mrs. Styles.
Jesus: If you can’t win keep practicing.
Jesus: Failure is not given to you.
Allan: Kids and alcohol, that’s a NO!
Allan: That’s really funny; tell it again.
Mariah: You gotta fly before you fly.
Mariah: Everyone’s beautiful in their own way.
Abby: I, too, share the name Unknown.
Abby: Looking for yourself is the hardest.
Carlos: School makes me want to die.
Carlos: When I eat, life is amazing.
Alejandra: Monday: the day you’re just “ugh!”
Alejandra: Hope’s something you have to achieve.
Destiny: Live life, laugh much, love always!
Destiny: Parents, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, family!

Kaitlynn: Love and friendship are not easy.
Kaitlynn: Compared to my boyfriend, I’m short!
Alejandro: Kansas, where the rain never comes.
Alejandro: Steelers are the best team ever!
Jacob: Football is very hard, get hit.
Jacob: Scared is a failure to me.
Aaron Dunlap: Pain is fear leaving the body.
Aaron Dunlap: Live simply so others simply live.
Ronnie: This is very hard to do.
Ronnie: If it’s hard keep on going.
Anna: I love to read fan fiction.
Anna: Crushing sucks because nothing ever happens.
Trey: Write too much, hand so cramped.
Trey: HGMS Hawks, the best school ever.
Raul: War is scary, get there now.
Raul: Ford, GMC, Chevy, Dodge Challenger: Cars
Daniella: Be yourself and be happy, please?
Daniella: Ignore drama, but don’t ignore food.
Carson: Eat, sleep, repeat. Eat, sleep, repeat.
Carson: Basketball season, where are you at?
Crystal: I am athletic girl in school.
Crystal: I don’t like my twin sister.
Peter: My life tries to help others.
Peter: Don’t ever kill my mojo Dude!
Raylyn: I just can’t live without you.
Raylyn: The sun will always come back.
Adrian: Bleeding blue and gold every day!
Adrian: Music helps when nobody else can.
Luiz: If you’re shy go say hi!
Luiz: War is hell so is life.
Stephanie: Parents are like your bodyguards: run!
Stephanie: Markered wall: I didn’t do it!
Hannah: You should always believe in yourself.
Hannah: You will always learn something new.
Yahir: You get what you work for.
Yahir: Basketball never stops, you stop playing.
Gyzelle: Zayn doesn’t know that we’re married.
Gyzelle: Hurtful words? Don’t take someone’s life.
Brenden: Drive slow, drive fast, just go!
Brenden: HG, KH: Sworn enemies forever on.
Yasmine: Motivation is an athlete’s best friend.
Yasmine: Music is probably my only solution.

Mr. Algrim: Drama, save it for the stage.
Ms. Bates: ‘Unanswered Prayers’ about says it all.
Ms. Clark: Tough lessons ‘learned’ keep us strong.
Ms. Flook: There ain’t no mountain high enough…
Ms. Kail: Life is fragile, handle with prayer.
Mrs. Naeve: Stress: a sign you’re still alive.
Mrs. Turner: God and family: all I need.