I had a wickedly weird week last week. I had to report a suspected abuse case. My co-STUCO advisor and I were witness to an automobile accident in which an officer rear ended an SUV. I just love giving witness statements.

Friday night was the first dance of the year; how is it already December? Where is this blessed year going? Anyway, we got set up, went to my house, and ate a quick dinner (God bless crock pots). We changed into our chaperoning clothes, and off we went.

The dance was evacuated twice for suspected gas leaks.

Still, that’s the worst we had. No behavior issues. Almost no parent issues. Life was good.

There was also a school shooting, which got me thinking: had an intruder entered the building, we would have been royally screwed. The safety lights do not turn off. Our students would have been sitting ducks.

Must contemplate the meaning of this.