My students always struggle with geography, but this week they topped themselves in other ways with the Things They Say.  Former students will appreciate these.

1) Some background.  Last year, three of my males designed a Holocaust Memorial Wall, with a metal Star of David they welded at the center and the words “Remember: Never Again” surrounding the star.  It is a beautiful tribute.  I am very proud of it and enjoy having it hanging in my classroom.

A student came up to me after school a couple of days ago and said I was Illuminati because of the star.  When I explained that no, it was the Star of David, and the motto was that of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, her eyes widened and she said “you mean you’re a Nazi?”

Because this...

Because this…



...looks so much like this.

…looks so much like this.









I told her I couldn’t talk to her anymore that day.  

2) Each week, my team gives our students a half page green sheet.  We write their grades on it so they always know what they have and what they’re missing.  Students have the option to get it signed by their parents and bring it back for extra credit in science.  On Friday, when I was handing back green sheets to my 8/9 block, one of my girls asked me why she needed to get another green sheet.

“Did you lose yours from this morning?”

“No, I mean, I got mine signed last week: why do I gotta get another one?”

I forgot that their grades never change from week to week…

*These anecdotes are not intended to humiliate or shame students into oblivion.  They are solely for the amusement of teachers everywhere, who are asked to educate our youth while still maintaining their sanity*